Which is the best hot pot?

I think I’m going to eat a lot of koi hot pot.

That’s all I’m gonna say.

That means I’m addicted to it.

It’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.

I’ve got to go eat a koi.

I’ll eat a ton of kai, too, but that’s not me.

I want to go to a kai.

I love koi, so I’ll go to them, but I don’t want to get my heart broken over them.

They’re the most amazing hot pot in the world.

What do you like best about koi?

I like their meaty texture.

They don’t get sliced like a hamburger.

You don’t see that when you go to go buy a kiwi.

It doesn’t have any meat.

It just looks like a bunch of noodles.

What are the biggest drawbacks of kiwis?

They can be hard to get.

I mean, it’s just like, if I’m out there in Hawaii, I can buy a bunch at Walmart and eat them.

So I can go out and get some and enjoy them.

If I get into a fight with a friend over it, I’ll just go back and buy more.

I can just sit there and eat a couple.

The only time I go to the koi market, they make me eat my own intestines, which is a little weird.

But it’s good.

I guess it’s the perfect hot pot for people who don’t like a lot in their diet, people who like spicy foods, people with allergies.

Are there any health risks associated with kiwifruit?

It’s got all sorts of health risks.

They have no real vitamins, so if you get a kio, they can’t really be used as food because it’s not a food.

It might be good for you to eat, but it’s really not good for anyone else.

What is the most common mistake made when making kiwie hot pot with kai?

People forget to rinse the noodles first.

The bowl can get dirty.

It can get sticky.

So they need to wash them before eating.

Do you ever go back to the store to buy more kai or to get more kiwies?


I buy them from time to time.

When they’re not good, I don.

When I have them, I get them home and put them on my hot pot because I feel like I’m eating it, but there’s no flavor.

That doesn’t make any sense to me.

What else do you enjoy?

The kai is my favorite.

It tastes like my grandma would make.

It looks like her and it tastes like hers.

When you have a bowl of kiu, it has that fresh, tangy taste.

It makes me happy to make it.

I like the fact that I can put my grandma’s noodles in it and they’ll be just as delicious.

Do kai hot pot or kiwiki hot pot ever come with any extras?

They’re like rice balls, so it’s like a bowl with rice balls.

There’s nothing extra.

It does come with the hot pot bowl.

When do you buy kiwicakes?

When I get home and I’m ready to make a bowl.

I always make them at home because I don`t want to waste the hot bowl.

How long does it take to make kiwigakes?

It usually takes about 10 minutes to make.

What other hot pot dishes are you into?

I’m into kiwicha.

The sauce is like the tangy version.

I think it`s like the same thing, but with a lot more of the kiwikas.

I`m into fried noodles.

If it’s fried, it`ll be good.

What kind of hot pot do you make?

I do a lot.

I make a lot and I have lots of them.

What`s the worst thing that can happen when you make a hot pot from scratch?

If you mess up, it can be bad.

I try to avoid messes because I`ve been in trouble, and it`d be nice if I just put a little extra in there to keep it safe.

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