Which Hot Pot Is Right for Me?

The following article is reprinted from the American Conservative, a nonprofit news site owned by The Wall Street Journal and owned by Robert Mercer, the brother of conservative billionaire Robert Mercer.

It was published on June 16, 2017, at 12:02 pm, ET.

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The following video is posted by the Hot PotPAC.

The video was created in 2016, the first year of the HotpotPAC, and is currently in its fourth year.

The Hotpot PAC has grown to become a major force in Oregon politics, and its members are actively working to pass the new marijuana legalization law. 

The first time I visited the HotPotPAC in November 2016, I was excited to learn that the organization was planning to legalize marijuana. 

“It’s great to see a national organization pushing for change,” said one of the volunteers I met.

“We’re just waiting for the legislature to legalize cannabis.”

The organization’s primary goal is to pass a bill that would legalize the sale of cannabis in Oregon, which currently does not have any laws on the books. 

Its members have a long history of working to get the issue on the national stage, and it’s hoped the HotPacs success will help it reach its goal. 

In recent years, the organization has worked to get marijuana legalized in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. They have also worked to pass legalization bills in other states.

In the past year, they have helped pass the Alaska initiative, passed the Colorado legalization, and passed the Nevada legalization. 

One of the organizations founders, Ryan Burt, said the organization’s goal is for legalization to become legal in the United States by 2020. 

“[The legalization of cannabis] is a very big issue for the American people,” he said.

“It is so close to being a reality. 

It’s important for all of us to take a stand, and be a part of this movement.”

On Friday, Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown signed House Bill 3, which would legalize marijuana for recreational use. 

Under the law, adults over 21 who are not medical patients or employees will be able to purchase marijuana for up to an ounce of marijuana, which will be taxed at 1 percent of the retail price. 

This will be a major step forward for Oregon, as it is the first state to enact a legal medical marijuana program. 

At the same time, marijuana has also been legalized in Colorado and Washington state.

The states will begin to process their first medical marijuana licenses by the end of July. 

State lawmakers passed the measure by wide margins, with the majority of Oregonians in favor. 

A majority of voters approved the legalization of marijuana in Oregon in November. 

After the Oregon vote, marijuana supporters began working to bring the issue to the state’s House of Representatives. 

House Bill 3 passed by a vote of 71-14 in April, which passed through the Oregon House of Delegates with only two Democrats voting against it. 

As lawmakers prepared to begin drafting legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, Oregon’s Republican governor and House Speaker announced they would be working with the Hotpots leadership to develop a legislative package. 

Oregon’s new bill would give adult use marijuana licenses to adults over 18 who are in compliance with state law.

The Oregon Senate is expected to vote on the proposal this week. 

Supporters of legalization are hopeful that the new legislation will have broad support from both chambers of the Oregon Legislature, and that a majority of the state will sign off on the measure. 

I am proud to stand with the Oregon Cannabis Industry and all of the thousands of Oregonans who support a new legal marijuana industry. 

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