India’s biggest hot pot restaurants: Where the hell are they?

An extensive study of India’s largest hot pot eateries reveals a few notable shortcomings.

The survey, conducted by the Indian Hot Pot Association (IHPA) in 2015, found that only five of the 37 restaurants that had been designated as “Hotpot Restaurants of India” by the government had been able to meet their legal requirements.

The others were found to be operating in a manner that would be considered illegal.

These restaurants were classified by the IHPA as “unlicensed” or “illegal”.

The IHpa also asked the government to look into whether the establishments were being allowed to operate on a temporary basis.

There are several reasons for the high level of inadequacy of these establishments, said Rajendra Yadav, who runs the Hotpot Restaurant Association of India (HRAI) and works on the report.

In a country where cooking in public is still taboo, and where public spaces have been designated to be reserved for private consumption, there are a lot of places that can serve alcohol, he said.

The establishments have been deemed unlicensed and illegal under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCCA), which prohibits “any person or any organisation, or any class of persons, to offer to sell, give or offer for sale to any person any liquor, hot food or other drink of any kind, except in the case of public gatherings, weddings or funerals”.

The same is applicable to “any liquor, drink, food or drink sold by a liquor bar”, he added.

Yadav said he had received numerous complaints from the public about the lack of enforcement of the POCCA.

“I got so many complaints from people that they had been taken out of the establishments, that they were being held in a cell for days, and people would not let them out of their cars,” he said, adding that the restaurants have also been fined by the liquor excise department.

While the IHAA has been trying to get the government’s attention to this issue, the authorities have so far declined to take action.

In fact, in 2015 the IHEA had been calling for the establishment of a public awareness campaign to educate people about the legalities of the restaurants.”

We are waiting for the report from the IMA, so that we can take action,” he added, declining to be named as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

In fact, in 2015 the IHEA had been calling for the establishment of a public awareness campaign to educate people about the legalities of the restaurants.

The ministry of women and child development, which is responsible for the enforcement of POCDA, has said that it will not be enforcing the ban on selling alcohol in public spaces and has also asked for a report from various public health agencies.

The government has not commented on this report.

The government has also refused to make any recommendations for the relaxation of the ban.

The IHEPA had also written to the liquor ministry to ask for a clarification on whether the ban was being enforced in a public space.

A spokesperson for the liquor department said the liquor ban is being enforced on private properties, including those with a liquor license.

The IHEAPA has also been asking for the implementation of a “no drinking in public” policy across the country.

However, the government has so far rejected these requests.

“We are yet to receive any response from the ministry of liquor.

We are hopeful that we will get it from the liquor secretary soon,” said Yadav.

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