‘I have to stop eating’: Thai men are struggling to stop consuming food they didn’t want to

Latao Hot Pot Kit, a hot pot restaurant that opened in Sydney’s CBD in February, is the latest venue to come under fire from the food-sharing movement.

It’s the latest in a string of eateries across the country that have been hit by food theft charges and food poisoning allegations, after reports of people being sick and dying from eating at the restaurants.

At Lataos, customers have to pay the bill, but the restaurant is open 24 hours a day and its owner, Lata Dong, insists the owners have no control over the food that’s taken from the premises.

“We are not able to tell them what they are eating,” she told Business Insider Australia.

“The food is cooked, cooked, and then they have to go back to the kitchen and cook it again.

We are not responsible for what they put into their food.”

Lataos owner Lata Kornhauser is among the owners of eatery Lataojet Hot Pot.

Photo: Facebook She said the owners had no control on the ingredients, the ingredients are only cooked onsite, and the kitchen has to be closed at all times to ensure food safety.

“We have to be able to make sure that our food is safe.

And if we are not, then it will be difficult for us to continue,” she said.

Latao’s owner says it is not a good place to be a restaurant ownerLataojets owners, who are mostly Thai nationals, say they are concerned about the safety of their food.

“The restaurant is a food safety issue.

I can say that, if you put your food on the table, you have to wash it and clean it.

If you don’t clean it, the food is not safe,” Lataajet’s owner said.”

If you don�t clean it and it gets contaminated, it will spoil.”

A group of people sit on the floor of Lataomot Hot Pot in Sydney, which closed after a food-related theft.

Photo/Facebook A few of the owners at Lataozet’s Lataodhot Hot Pot were surprised to learn that they would be charged for the food they bought.

The restaurant has now been shut down indefinitely, but Lataolas owners say they have not yet been told what charges they face.

“I am not surprised that they are facing charges, because there was a food poisoning case where some people died and it was found out later,” Loraojet’s operator said.

Lokaodhot is currently being run by Lataorn Thai, a family run restaurant in Sydney.

In a statement, Litao Hotpot owner Letta Lattavarasu said she was disappointed with the charges laid against the restaurant.

“Our owner has been the one who has taken care of the management of the business, she has been responsible for cooking the food, cleaning the food and preparing the food for customers,” she wrote in the statement.

“This is why we have to move forward to find a solution to the food theft issue.

The owner is not able do anything about the food.

We have to take care of our customers.”

Lataozets restaurant is the safest restaurant in the world and we will continue to provide our guests with safe food.

“A spokesman for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry said the department had no further comment on the matter.

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