How to cook the hottest hot pot in the world

A new book called Easy Hot Pot has gone on sale in Australia and New Zealand and is billed as the “ultimate guide to the hottest and best hot pot”.

It features recipes that are “inspired by the original recipes from the popular Chinese cookbook series, Easy Cooker”.

The book also features an exclusive photo gallery and tips and tricks for preparing hot pot dishes that can be enjoyed in your favourite restaurants or at home.

Amber Fishel, a Melbourne-based cookbook author, says the book’s recipes have been carefully crafted to ensure “that they are easy to follow and will keep your guests satisfied”.

The book, available from the publisher’s online store and bookshop, is available in English and Chinese.

“The author of Easy Hot Pots has done a fantastic job creating the best and most authentic Chinese recipes that will keep you warm and cozy while you enjoy this delicious new cookbook,” Ms Fisher said.

The Easy Hotpot series features a series of Chinese-style dishes that have become popular in the United States.

In the book, which is now available in more than 50 countries, the Chinese dish, which calls for boiling vegetables and rice in a pot of water for about 20 minutes, is described as “very delicious” and “perfectly balanced” with a hint of meatiness.

It was described as the first Chinese dish to be “created specifically to appeal to the Western palate”.

The book is also the first in a series called “The Greatest Hits of Chinese Cuisine”, which includes a Chinese dish that is called “Mixed Vegetables and Rice”, “Chicken and Rice” and the “Pumpkin Spice Chicken”.

It is described in the book as “a dish of deliciousness that is not only very satisfying but is also quite tasty as well”.

Ms Fishears advice is to “cook your hot pot right up” because the recipe is meant to be enjoyed “in a restaurant or a restaurant alone”.

“In a restaurant, the guests will want to go to the restaurant and try the dishes.

You can then enjoy the dishes alone or cook them for yourself, but remember to cook them in a restaurant and use the hot pot,” she said.”

It’s really important to put it in the heat so it can be used in restaurants.”

Amber says the recipes in the series were created with “real” Chinese ingredients and were not made with the “westernised” ingredients.

“They’re not Chinese dishes, they’re not based on the ingredients from China,” she says.

“There are no ingredients that are too big, there are no spices that are overly hot, there’s no MSG.”

So they’re meant to taste as good as they look and taste as hot as they are supposed to taste.

It’s really about balance.

MSG is one of the most toxic ingredients that you can add to a hot pot. “

You should only cook them if you’re making them at home or on the grill.

MSG is one of the most toxic ingredients that you can add to a hot pot.

It doesn’t taste like the real thing and it’s just a very, very big mess.”

Ms Fang also recommends that “the sauce is also very important”.

“You need a very good sauce to go with the hot pots,” she advises.

“That way, the taste of the sauce is not ruined by adding MSG.

It will be very good and it will taste really good.”

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